poniedziałek, 5 października 2015


Kolejne bransoletki eperustyczne zapraszam na FP

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  1. Świetne są, najbardziej podobają mi się trzy ostatnie:))

    1. Dziękuję Nika, kolory dobierała sama autorka, przyznaję ma gust !! :)

    2. Ten komentarz został usunięty przez autora.


  2. Hi, I'm Marta and I'm also craft: I do high-end jewelry (often with precious and semi always with silver stones) using the Japanese technique of Miyuki.

    I found your blog by chance and I've taken a little walk ... and yet not leave my amazement beauty I've seen out of your hands artist.

    Now, my greatest desire is that you accept the invitation that I give you in hand and come to visit my craft corner (http://www.elmundodelmiyuki.blogspot.com), and if you like, you do yours follower (do not know what I'm having trouble finding followers to a blog with the theme of mine).

    I look forward to your visit (hope I keep it in the heart) and I leave you now with a kiss and a flower ...

  3. I come to give heartfelt thanks for accepting my invitation, visiting my craftsman follower corner and I made it. I tell you: my blog is an exhibition of my work in order to sell it (as indicated in the header and in the item price for each input). But I like both Miyuki I came tutorials get increasingly difficult for those @ s who want to dive into this wonderful world.

    As for us, I hope that the relationship will be fruitful for both (I teach, I teach you), and the ties that have been created to grow healthy and strong, one day, you can call "friendship" ...

    A kiss and a flower

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  5. Najbardziej podoba mi sie pierwsze rozwiazanie. Klasyczne i eleganckie. Fajne inspiracje znajdziesz na Beller

  6. Bardzo fajnie. Ciężko znaleźć takie w sklepach. Choć propozycje od https://aweg.pl bardzo często mnie przekonują do siebie.